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Invisalign opinions and real-life orthodontic treatments

Learn about other people’s experiences and see the outcome of cases successfully resolved by Dr Friedländer and his team. Using our advanced search, find the case or experience that best matches your problem. You can see the before and after, as well as specific information on each treatment.

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Doctor Itamar Friedländer, especialista en ortodoncia

We treat people, not just their teeth

Doctor Friedländer is a graduate in dentistry from the University of Barcelona and holds a master’s degree in orthodontics. He and his team remain constantly at the cutting edge of orthodontics, practicing the most advanced techniques. Find out about our working philosophy, about what it is that sets us apart.

Our philosophy

Blog devoted to orthodontics

If you would like to be up to date on the latest techniques and options for orthodontic treatment, you can visit our specialized blog. You will find all the latest on Invisalign, invisible lingual braces, brackets and esthetic braces. You will also discover practical tips, articles of interest to you and cases solved.

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Invisalign Ortodoncia Friedländer


Transparent orthodontics

Invisalign is the first transparent orthodontics system. It is practically invisible and does not require brackets to move the teeth.

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Lingual Invisible Ortodoncia Friedländer

Incognito and Win systems

Invisible lingual orthodontics

Represent a unique treatment option, offering brackets that are fitted on the insides of the teeth and are therefore invisible.

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Brackets Ortodoncia Friedländer


Conventional orthodontics

We use the latest in high quality materials to obtain the best results from the treatments for our patients.

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